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NEW EP: Beyond Good & P.C.
get it HERE
what you probably all guessed is now highly official:
dancehall satan is on indefinite hiatus!
same reason like most bands: the drummer hit the guitar player with his floor tom, the other guitar player went insane and our bassist is in jail for attempted pig-murder... i thought all of this bunch of addicted hippies sucked, which is why i threw 'em out. besides that, we all live in different places now, blah blah the usual shit.

dancehallsatan.com moved to a friend and he will maintain the site for now but sooner or later it may vanish into mere non-existence...
satanictrashska.com is no longer in my possession but you can still access it here
the old infinite justice site also moved here
help us smash the volxfest in crailsheim on september, 18th!
we're gonna destroy crailsheim with the spotlight heroes (bavarian punk rock) @ the juze
flyer: here

other than that we got a few new (*cough*) pix up:
fotoshoot for maxim 2009 & some amateur shots from 2008/2009 for you xxx-hungry lot
we're on the new diy compilation from riot ska records: global unity musik!
check it out here in the media section

other than that, we're working on new material: 6 new songs but most still without lyrics.
we'll see when we get to record the new shit.... yeah, we're slow, don't ask...
zwoi mol brezg em gsicht, bitte:
on the german hasselhoff-day(3rd of october), we're gonna play with the great dora diamant @the fatal in landau!

next show after that, will be at the juze in welzheim on october, 24th.
[aem-x] trilingual crossover-metal
ants on earth psychedelic stoner rock
fatal copulation death metal/grind

flyer as always @shows section
we're playin' at the villa galgenberg sommerfest in nuertingen on 22-24 of august. for more info check out the flyer here!
next concert is at the juha beilstein on the 1st of december
we'll be playin' with:
amen 81 (hc/punk) and not now not ever (modern hardcore)

flyer is here!
the crack is back and we're gonna play with them in the esperanza in schwäbisch gmünd on 26.08.2007.
bands will be:
leftöver crack, primitive society and scoundrel!

as always: check out shows section!
general, man is very useful. he can fly and he can kill. but he has one defect: he can think.

we're gonna play at the brecht-bau fest in tübingen with a lot of other bands on 26.01.2007.
for more info check out the shows section!
sorry, but we're not able to play at the xmas chainsaw massacre on 25.12.!
the massacre will definitly happen, but this time without us...
we're gonna burn your xmas tree on the 25th of december at the XMAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE in the beteigeuze in ulm. be there or be square!

thanx to the guys @straight hate for the nice party....
we really enjoyed it! for more info, why the show in the jab was canceled, check this
the show in nürtingen tomorrow is canceled, since the mayor of nürtingen prohibited the bands to play in the JAB. but there will be a secret special, so if you're interested: please call the longiz
3 shows announced:
11.11. 5-year anniversary of the esperanza in schwäbisch gmünd with riot brigade (hc/punk) the higgins (punkrock) and primitive society (hc-punk)

18.11. jugendhaus impuls in weinsberg:
beneficial show for the bus to the G8 summit in heiligendamm.
riot brigade and another band will back us in battle. (source: jugendagentur-hn.de)
capitalist nations, prepare for your last supper!!
shut down G8 2007!!

02.12. straight hate farewell show in the jab in nürtingen with commandantes (working class oi!) and guerilla (revolution (punk-)rock).
pix from the last show with primitive society are up: show me!
we're gonna play tomorrow (15.08.06) with primitive society in the esperanza in schwäbisch gmünd. unfortunately leftover crack couldn't make it, but therefore entrance will be FREE!!

on 11.11.06 we'll be playing with the higgins and primitive society at the 5-year anniversary party of the esperanza.
check out the brandnew ep Beyond Good & P.C. released on el dia de la bestia: 06.06.06 and finally also available through our SHOP.
THE SHOW IN AALEN WILL BE ON 23.06.06 BUT WITHOUT US (our drummer is hindered on this date)
we're playing in the haus der jugend in aalen on 30.06.06 with turn away (hc punk), watch out! (hc punk) and tarantism (alternative rock)
nice show in nürtingen yesterday! thanx to birol and the jab crew!!
check out the pix
the pix from the show in aachen are up. click!
thanx and greetz to benni, mr. spengler & dora diamant and günther (mind disruption) for the nice accommodation & hospitality!
the show in tübingen on 22.04.06 is canceled due to a problem with the club. we tried to move the show, but at last, we couldn't organize an alternate location in such a short time span.
we're playing on 22.04.06 with antitainment (nintendo-punk), tragic vision (emo-punk) and mom's day (melodic-punk) in the epplehaus in tübingen.

don't forget the other 2 shows in aachen (14.04.) and nürtingen (13.05.)

pix from the show in tübingen are now online.
tha pix of the show with lower class brats are up.

and the show on 28.04.06 in heidenheim is canceled.
we got 4 new upcoming shows.

the first one is on this saturday:
we play with the smalltown rockets (punk'n'roll) and oxxon (drunk'n'roll) at the kostenpflichtig und drinnen fest which is going to happen at the schülodrom in tübingen

check out the other shows
tha first gig with our new drummer steiner is announced:
we're playing on 15.03.2006 with the lower class brats in schwäbisch gmünd.
check out the shows section for more info.
we finally got it:
the recordings for the upcoming EP entitled "Beyond Good & P.C." are finished.
we still have to do the artwork and stuff, so if you wanna order the cd, check back later.
but for the musick, you don't have to wait until the cd's are available in stores:
you can download all the mp3z here

big thanx to alex kilb from house of music for letting us work in tha big studio!

if you wanna see what we did there, check tha pix of our mixing session.
the pix from the vocal recordingz are now up.
we're happy to say that we found a new drummer, and he's practicing the new stuff at the moment.
we're very sorry that we had to cancel the tour, but we didn't have the time to manage everything in that short time span.
right now we're finishing our recording, but at this point i can't say when it's totally done.
our drummer loki has called it quits due to personal reasons.
so we are not able to play this saturday in the esperanza but we hope to find a new drummer by november to join the Burning Churchez Tour '05.

if you're a drummer from around schwäbisch gmünd and interested in playing with us, please contact longiz@gmx.net
in favor of the catholic world youth day in cologne we're proud to announce our little contribution:
the Burning Churchez Tour '05 with not only us, but also great bands from all over europe:
Welcome To The Last Millenium from switzerland, 925 from greece and The Plague Mass from austria.
atheists, satanists and all enemys of religion unite to celebrate this unique happening! and don't forget to invite your christian brothers for the subsequent slaughter. check out the datez here.

and don't miss the show on september, 10th in the esperanza where we'll celebrate past midnight and into THE groundbreaking day for the occident: the day the planes flew low aka super tuesday. bands playing:
Dora Diamant, Welcome To The Last Millenium and Chefdenker.
*surprise gig tomorrow, july, 23rd in neckarsulm*

so we're going to play 2 shows tomorrow:
we'll be playing at the keller in neckarsulm at ca. 21.00 and after that we're taking our executive jet to ulm to play at the beteigeuze at about 23.30.
check out the shows section for more info.
the pix of our gig in JuZe Ellwangen are up.
thanx to done and the juze crew and the 3 paying guys.
tha long awaited, highly anticipated "Destroying Greece" tour-diarrhea is now on(the)line with many colorful pictures for the whole family. the whole thing is ass-written by the one and only rev666.
the pictures of the 99cent punk fest are finally up.

there's also a new show with carlos mogutseu in the juze ellwangen on 28.05.2005
stop! afrikanikos!
so we're back from greece, malakas. we had a fuckin great time and wanna thank all the really nice and caring guyz and gurlz from greece and switzerland:
dom, giggs & wtlm; alexis, kosta & unbreakable circle; vasilis, aris & for what is worth; the guy who looks like the pennywise singer (sorry we forgot your name); dirty harry, orestis, fudukis & vodka juniors; jack, peio(u fuckin greek sandwich) & 925; dimitris & playfalse records and the guys from cannonball 666 records; janis & the guys from street attack & ass's 9 days (keep on resisting the pigs!); our mana leda and everybody else who was involved in the whole thing or visited the shows.
if you don't know these bands, go listen to them and buy their fuckin albums!

we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and hope to see you again soon!
feel free to go to our forums and talk with us, you even don't have to register.
photos to come soon.
fuck the police and burn churches

the photos from the show in ulm and from building the dhs-studio are up, check out the media section.
due to various problems with the venues in patra and kavala, we're doing only 2 shows in greece: in athens on 2005-03-24 and in thessaloniki on 2005-03-25.
the line-up also changed a bit: check out the shows section.
we're playing in the beteigeuze in ulm on the 4th of march. we'll be playing with superskank and sassafrass (both play skapunk).

greek newz:
somehow i forgot to mention, that 925(hardcore/punk) are also joining the tour!
check out the datez in the shows section.
the shows in patra and kavala aren't confirmed yet, but probably will take place there.
IMPORTANT: we're filling in for voltron on next saturday cause they're some sick bastards, or they're singer is sick or sth....
so come, and come numerously, to the esperanza in schwäbisch gmünd.
also playing: the noisecore monsters from cologne: grandMal
and the local heros from gmünd: dead students (punk)

watch out greece:
in march we're coming to eat yer gods with some tzatziki sauce.
and because 12 would be a little too much for us, we bring along our friends from geneva: welcome to the last millennium (hardcore punk).
the greek aborigines from the vodka juniors (fast, raw thrashing skate punk) help us to find and storm the olympus!

more infos to come, when all the dates are confirmed.
in case some of you were wondering where the hell that fucking 3rd song on the media page went: it was on vacation in north korea.
but more important is, that it's back with some vocal enhancement, check it out: mp3s
the pictures of our death trip with leftöver crack and five knuckle on 26.11.2004 and from our gig with pistol grip on 27.11.2004 are up and can be viewed in our media section.
yeah, the show with leftover crack and five knuckle fuckin' rocked!! the thing with the stolen key sucked though, hope ya got to your show in the uk in time. if we get this fucker into our hands...
hail to the dancing crew and thanx to the esperanza-team.
the show with pistol grip was ok, but i think they weren't too happy that we ate their pizza...
picz of the 2 shows to come...

and we did an interview with crack fix propaganda that you can read here

another breaking newz: we are now signed to trash compost records from geneva. go there and buy their stuff.

if you haven't noticed yet, we have a new site dezign by ereshkigal
there are 2 new upcoming shows this month:

back for a frühstück:
leftover crack are coming to reinforce the satanic trash-ska troops on 26.11.2004 to shatter the esperanza in schwäbisch gmünd and to reap the mortal soulz of the infidels.
to strengthen these unholy forces, the five knuckle warriors (hardcore from bristol, uk) are riding with them.

fight with us, cause it's their only slaughter in south germany.
our next killing field will be jugendhaus west in stuttgart on 27.11.2004.
this time supported by pistol grip (streetpunk from l.a.)
on friday, 24.09.2004 we play with knötgaard, brigitte & rote kapelle in the esperanza in schwäbisch gmünd.
the new "dancehall satan" forum is up!
the new official "dancehall satan" homepage is up!

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