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Interview by Crack Fix Propaganda

1. Dancehall Satan (along with Leftover Crack, Morning Glory, INDK, Choking Victim, Infinite Justice etc.) have helped spearhead and a movement within the punk scene back to ideals of extreme anti-pc and anti-global state ideas. The satanic thing is also very extreme and new for punk I think. On what do you base your beliefs?

longiz: we all don't believe in any kind of god or vishnu, we're atheists to tha bone.

shizak: as for religion: i believe everything is logically/rationally explainable and i believe everything we can't understand, is simply too complex for us to understand yet. i don't believe in ANY transcendent/religious/esoteric/whatever shit (god or a soul or sth.) but you can't impress a jesus-freak by saying "there is no god", so we say god lives and we're here to destroy him. as for politics: i won't say i.e. communism or anarchy will work(although i like many ideas), cause i don't know enough about it, but i know there could be a juster, less fucked up world and i also know that nothing is going to change, as long as the rich & mighty are rich & mighty, and they'll do anything to keep that status and we'll do anything to fuck those bastards.

rev: i don't claim that anarchy and communism would be the best for everybody but if you look around you'll see a world demonstrating that capitalism doesn't work. ok, it works for a few but they're the few we have to kill. people who believe in satan don't know shit about satanism. they're just christians in disguise. let's kill 'em all!

2. The ska kind of breakdown just before you speed up has become a trademark of the faster more evil sounding punk, do you follow a strict formula or do the songs just flow?

shizak: all it takes is a good drive and an evil edge.

rev: sometimes it takes a bullet.

longiz: trademark soundz good, that's tha flow of satanic trash-ska, raw, brutal and in your face.

3. Being German must be quite strange at the moment, what with the nationalist party getting a lot of votes in the elections. Do you see your kin embracing their old beliefs or will Germany never fall back into that mind frame again? A lot of people have opinions but as a German anti-racist your view is of prime importance I think.

shizak: i don't know how well you're into german politics, but i think after the leading partys (labour party "spd" & green party "die grünen") are wiping out the social state in germany, there's nothing to believe in for the masses. they said they were better than the conservatives("cdu"), but even the masses have to realize now, they're not, and that they're working as close with lobbyists & big corps as the old government(cdu) did. so the (most, but not really) left wing party("pds") and the nationalist partys gained a lot of votes particulary in the east (the former gdr) cause the unemployment rates are much higher than in the western parts of germany. so i think that many of those voters were "protest"-voters, who are not really into the nationalist shit. but the nationalists are, and always were, a serious threat you'll have to bargain for. a negative effect could be the sinking inhibition threshold to vote for such a party. especially as a german, you'll always have to say to yourself: smash those fuckers, today even harder than yesterday.

4. What does Dancehall Satan stand for as such? Not some silly religious question, but from a political as well as spiritual perspective, do you actually believe in Satan as a being or as an entity, or is the name just a joke?

loki: we don't believe in any kind of higher being, but when we thought of a name, we liked the imagery of satan coming into the dancehall where everybody's infested with crappy music (with nothing to say), and destroying them & everything they love. we're the satan, the dancehall satan and we're coming for you emo-pussies.

5. You don’t have much material out at the moment, but you’re doing a few shows. Do you like to do things slowly or just let the creativity flow and see what happens?

loki: as we're a rather new band, we don't have much material yet, but we're working on it. we're also planning to do the whole recording stuff(mix/produce/master...) ourselves, so we have to put a lot of extra-time in the band, which could slow the songwriting a bit, but making new songs is still the most important part of our self imposed "duties".

6. Three volcanoes erupting all at once, NASA imminently going to announce the sun going supernova, meteorites heading towards earth, global famine, global class war, global terrorism, nuclear war…is there any hope?

shizak: "nucular; it's pronounced nu-cu-lar...." but serious: there's no hope, the human kind is doomed.

rev: you describe what will happen after our first world tour. we got reversed messages in every song, shit like "do nuclear war", "do terrorism", "hey volcano, do erupt". i guess ya know who's to blame...

longiz: definitely not. what about mass suicide?

7. Do you think punk needs to serve some kind of purpose as a yard stick for how stupid a government or its ideals are. For example when the Thatcher/Reagan government was in power, thousands of punk bands almost united across the Atlantic to fight against the imperialism and warmongering of the two states, but when Clinton/Blair were in, the punk scene went underground and pop punk/emo was born. Now, again, Bush/Blair are causing war and punk is becoming quite hardline again. Is punk a measure of how badly a government are acting?

shizak: i think that just shows how many people in the scene are also just followers and not thinkers. the only difference between bush & clinton is, that clinton was way smarter in hiding his wars and focussing the attention on other things. bush is so dumb that even the dumbest fuck has to see, that there's something wrong. people like clinton or kerry are way more dangerous, cause they pretend to be just and almost everybody believes it. they conceal the fact, that world trade is fucking over every single country, way smarter than a g.w. bush ever could. but after all, they're all puppets and those who pull the strings remain silent & undetected. we're trying to show that there's no real difference between a kerry or a bush or a blair or any other hypocritical motherfucker.

8. What is your opinion on black metal/death metal? I know a few people who think the satanic ska sound as made famous by Leftover Crack is quite similar to early black metal in its simplicity and balls. Do you agree? Do you like the music itself? (Apart from the white power bullshit obviously)

shizak: i like almost every fast music with screaming. but i think it can get very boring, cause many bands aren't very diversified. you should check out kürzüm, they're wicked.

longiz: yeah, i'm really into the dying fetus sound. i'm kind of a guitar-fetishist and could jack off on good, fast riffs in two voices.

rev: death metal is often boring but black metal means war and that's a fucking cool war. evil (ska) punk and black metal is the best sound for a nice killing spree. the black metal scene has just one problem, ugly nsbm fuckerz. i guess the satanic ska sound radicalizes punk and so did black metal to the metal scene. venom was just black hard rock, then came real black metal. i hope the satanic ska punk sound will not change like black metal changed into black hollywood metal (later cradle of filth/dimmu borgir).

9. Would you say your are mobilised against Nazism in a militant sense? In the UK at the moment, ANTIFA are trying to militarise the punk youth into a hardcore anti fascist movement, to the point where we attack and mutilate fascists if they are known…opinions?

loki: we prefer to radicalize the people with our music/lyrics but when it comes to it, we won't hesitate to fight back. it's a good thing to encourage the youth to fight those fuckers back, but i also think you have to be careful that you don't turn into a mindless zombie soldier following every antifa-"order".

10. Will you be releasing anything any time soon? If so will there be changes to the sound? More extreme? More light?

shizak: we're working on new stuff, but there aren't enough songs to do a release yet. as for the soundchanges: louder, faster, more extreme.

rev: we're trying to become like manowar. other bands play, dancehall satan kill!

11. End this interview however you wish.

shizak: i appreciate your good questions. nice to see, that there are also people out there who try to think! burn churchez & hail satan.

longiz: spread tha word of satanic trash-ska, retaliation is tha way!

rev: thankz for the interview, cool questions. always remember, killing innocent people is never wrong because they're not innocent. we'll burn yer kidz, yer flag, yer cash!

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